Friday, November 16, 2007

Inside Information About Hitachi Plasma Televisions

Hitachi plasma televisions are some of the best in the world because they offer great value for an extensive amount of features. They also offer great quality in the LCD market but plasma is the elite market for the best video quality. Some of the key factors that make Hitachi plasmas great are apparent before the screen is even turned on. The screen is sleek and sheen. It follows some basic rules that are rarely followed in the flat screen market. The screen has a completely black surrounding that is important to contrast colors. A black border around the screen creates an absolute contrast for the color to appear more brilliant. The border is also housed by glass to make it reflective. This also helps make the screen seem to stand out more. As you explore the controls, you notice that it will accept a USB connection on the side of the screen. This means that you can connect a digital camera or camcorder to view on the screen. On the back side you may notice one of the best arrays of digital connections available. First off, the TV has two HDMI connections. This is a standard now even though it is hard to find. There are too many digital connections today to have a television that accepts just one. For everything else, there are also 2 component inputs, 3 s-video inputs and 5 composite video inputs. If video is not enough, the sound is so superb that you may forget to turn on your stereo equipment. Treble has a very high range and the bass has great tight response. For feature hungry freaks, this television offers a motorized stand. Yes, from the remote control you can rotate the television clockwise or counterclockwise. Video capabilities bring 1080i video with unbelievable clarity. This Hitachi plasma television is a top notch addition to any media room.

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