Monday, January 21, 2008

Plasma Technology for Your Television - A Few Reasons Why It's Good for You

Gone are the bulky monsters that gobbled up space and hunked down in our living rooms and bedrooms like contented sumo wrestlers. The old notions of video and home entertainment systems may just be a thing of the past. This is the dawn of the new television technology age and plasma may just be its greatest invention.

Plasma television is one of the most popular TVs using high-definition technology. In terms of monster size and eye-popping images, plasma television offers a lot not only in quality but also in price. Since buying one of these will probably take a chunk out of your wallet, you might want to understand the technology that makes plasma hot and credible.

How Plasma Works

The concept of plasma display has been around since the mid-60s but it was only in 1999 when the first commercial plasma models came out in the US market. Since then, televisions boasting of plasma technology have become the top favorite for home entertainment systems.

Plasma technology uses fluorescent light that contain gas made of electrons and ions. The fluorescent light is made up of three basic colors: red, blue and green. These colors are the basis for every other color you see on a plasma screen and they form a single pixel. Once the plasma television is turned on, the gas inside the fluorescent light burn up and thousands upon thousands of pixels form to produce the images.

Why plasma is better

Plasma televisions have a lot of fans who not only like what they see but also want the glamour equated with owning the newest technology. Other than that, there are plenty of reasons why plasma reigns supreme. Here are some:

Picture quality

It offers superb picture quality in terms of image contrast and picture brightness. So when you see black on your plasma television, it's black and not a dark grey. That means that images shot in high contrast don't disappoint and even movies with a dark noir feel to it don't look so bad. That means when you're watching Batman Returns, you'll get to see all the action without getting confused as to who is punching whom.


In terms of the wow factor in size, plasma televisions are on top of the game. From the modest 37-inch model to the more than 60-inch stunner, plasma technology allows you to get the best-looking big-sized televisions without sacrificing picture quality. Remember the time when screen size equaled bad resolution? With plasma technology, those days are long gone.

Images shown through plasma televisions look great at any size and as long as you have the wall space, they won't take too much of your living room floor either. Plasma TVs are supermodel-thin and can even be mounted on your wall in place of a beloved picture frame. So now, you won't have any reason to keep your den or living room floor neat and orderly because you can't blame the clutter on the TV anymore.

ROI and an excuse to stay home

One of the main reasons why some folks are hesitant about buying a plasma television is the cost. For now, plasma technology can be had for a steep $2500 and that's not the biggest-sized television on display, either.

If you think that's too expensive, think about this: plasma TVs did not start out cheap. When they first came out for commercial use, they cost about ten grand. But since production cost has improved over the years (coupled with the enthusiastic response to plasma technology), consider yourself lucky that you can get a plasma television at the price they come in nowadays.

As for the nagging thought of an ROI, think of all the movies you've seen last year and the years before that. With movie theater tickets set at about $10 (let's just use the higher average), your $3000 plasma television will probably pay for itself in less than three years, granted you watch at least 10 movies a month. Popcorn, a soda and gas for the car are not even included in that equation.

The technology behind plasma televisions gives you one more great reason to watch videos at home because it will pay for its own cost in a short period of time. You not only get to watch movies within the comforts of your own abode, you also get to enjoy theater-quality images without leaving the house.

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