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How To Choose A Plasma TV

How To Choose A Plasma TV

If you're in the market for a plasma television, you should be prepared to do some research. This isn't a negative aspect of buying a plasma unit, nor am I implying that the technology and product quality aren't fantastic. As with any large purchase, you should just be aware of your individual needs and how each model of plasma TV may or may not fulfill these needs. Plasma screens are typically selected for their large size. There are no other technologies that can compare to the quality of a plasma television's picture in sizes above 40 inches. So, first off, determine what size best fits your specific needs.

The next issue to think about is location. The location where you will place your plasma unit will affect which unit you will want to buy. The location influences the performance and lifespan of a plasma television, so it's very important. If you are planning to mount your plasma TV in an entertainment center, make sure you take into account the television's need for proper ventilation. Also, the location may help you determine how large of a screen you want. If you'll be sitting fairly close to your television, a large screen may in fact provide a more uncomfortable viewing experience than a smaller unit that better fits the room.

A second consideration should be the features of the plasma television. Some features, like Anti-Burn in can be considered requirements, but there are options that you'll need to consider. A television may offer advanced DVI or HDMI connections that provide incredible resolutions of op to 1,000 lines, but if you have no devices that utilize this technology you'd be throwing money away for the advanced, but useless, feature. Or, you may want to connect your media center computer system to your plasma screen, in which case you'd prefer a DVI connection to create that beautiful, all-digital picture. Other inputs, when used with a personal computer, create very dirty, blurry pictures.

Finally, what variety of resolution technology are you looking for in your plasma television? If you have very high standards for video clarity, you may need a plasma unit that will display a true High Definition signal. Many models will claim to be HD, but you should look for a resolution of at least 1024 by 720 pixels, otherwise you will be losing quality. This resolution is vital for viewers who use their plasma as an interface for their computer, or to watch HD television programs. Progressive Scan DVD players and new digital television ask for high resolutions, but they only require a resolution around 852 by 480 for an optimal picture. These lower resolution, though still great, televisions will display a High Definition signal, but they will scale the picture before displaying it. This is more than satisfactory for the average user, and you should definitely consider what you will me viewing on your plasma television to better determine your resolution needs.

In general, take some time to plan out how you will be using your new plasma television. Investing some energy in research and planning will help make you make your ideal purchase.

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