Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choosing Where To Wall Mount An Lcd Or Plasma Tv

An LCD or plasma TV is one of the most striking pieces of equipment that you can add to your home entertainment center. In a handful of years, these new technology's have rapidly overtaken the older cathode ray displays With plans for billions of dollars to be pumped in to the LCD industry in the next few years, LCD and plasma televisions are going to become more popular and more numerous.

When you have your new television home, placement becomes a prime concern. There are quite a few factors to take into account in order to maximize your viewing pleasure and to ensure that the picture is at its sharpest.

The first thing to take into account is height. The optimal height for an LCD or plasma TV puts the center of the screen at eye-level when the viewer is seated. Resist the urge to hang your new television at eye-level when you are standing. You may be tempted to do so from experience hanging pictures, but the angle will be unpleasant for viewers and will not show the screen off to its best advantage.

The second factor is viewing distance. When planning to get your LCD or plasma TV is wise to take into account what kind of space you have available. Is the room you have in mind going to be able to accommodate the device?

Similarly, you can calculate viewing distance by multiplying one of the screen's dimensions, like height or width by a fixed number. Viewing distance for an LCD or plasma TV will be less than it would be for a cathode ray television because high resolution displays reduce the visibility of scan lines; with few scan lines, viewing distance can be made narrower, because the viewer will not notice the scan lines.

One simple way find an optimal viewing distance to use a ready-made formula. Take the screen size in inches and divide it by four. Some rounding might be necessary. For instance, for a 42 inch screen, the ideal amount distance from the viewer should be around 10 feet.

As your LCD or plasma television will certainly be one of the jewels of your entertainment center, it becomes important to give this component a similarly beautiful setting. Hanging the television on the wall is a popular option and the UK's leading online retailer http://www.tv-wall-brackets.co.uk can help you.

With its new popularity, LCD and plasma televisions are getting the royal treatment from furniture designers, giving you many options to choose from. These LCD television stands enhance the look of your television, providing a more pleasant overall look for your home entertainment center. These specialized cabinets take into account the unique shape of the LDC television and create a desirable space where you can store media as well as mount your television.

Remember that good planning is paramount in any good purchase. With something as impressive as an LCD or plasma television, the question deserves some serious thought.

Jason west is the owner of http://www.tv-wall-brackets.co.uk and offers free advice on wall mounting your Plasma or LCD TV in your home or office.

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