Friday, August 21, 2009

Are Plasma Or Projection TV's Better For Your Home Theater?

When you are setting up your home theater you need to decide on what is the best way for you to watch. Many people would not have anything other than a projector as it adds to the cinema theme as well as giving you a very good image as big as you want. But many others do not want to deal with projectors and screens and would rather have the convenience of a TV style screen that you just turn on and play the DVD in as you would in any other room but on a bigger screen.

If you are using a projector then it is a good idea to make sure that your room has good thick curtains so that you can block the light from the room. As the image is produced through a projected light then it is best to use a projector in a fairly dark room. With some of the latest projectors they have a light sensor so that if the light is too bright for the image then it brightens the light to make it stronger. You also have to set up a projector for the movie and put up the screen. But it does give you a really good sense of being at the cinema as well as a really good, large picture that is very high quality.

There are some really good plasma screens around now and the cost is dropping. But you still get the sense that you are watching TV. Although if you put it on the wall then it is a lot more like a real screen. Plasmas have an advantage over projectors if you have a small room, as they did not need any space to project an image. Although plasma TV does not have the same movie theater aspect to it as a projector does it is very easy to use and does give you a very good image.

If you want ease of use and a great quality picture and are happy either to have a smaller screen, or you are able to pay for a very big one, then plasma might be best for you. But a projector can give you a really good quality image that is as big as you want and there are some very good projectors that are very cheap. But you also have to set up the screen as well as the projector whenever you want to see a movie. But whatever you choose it is always worth trying it out in the store so that you can see which is the best for you.

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