Monday, January 21, 2008

Plasma TVs and 1080p Technology

Since the invention of television, improvements and innovations have made the present day product almost unrecognizable from the original T.V. your grandparents had. The flat screen plasm T.V. is the latest technology on the market today. You've seen them, flat screen T.V. that don't take up a big chunk of your living room or den but can be mounted on the wall instead. Once prohibitively expensive but now affordable to just about everyone.The 1080p plasma T.V. is the latest in HDTV technology. Offering full high definition abilities on a fifty inch screen. It is a couch potatoes ultimate dream. At over four feet wide, it is alot of plasma T.V. screen.

One drawback is that few HD DVD players have 1080p output. It's the same story with regards to over the air satellite broadcasts and cable. They all are expected to catch up in the near future.The challenge in creating a fifty inch plasma T.V. screen with 1080p technology was in reducing the size of the pixels by half in order to fit more than two million pixels on the screen. The result, manufacturers claim, is a near three dimensional effect. People who have watched 1080p technology on a fifty inch screen claim the effect is astounding. The word is that the picture seems to literally jump off the screen.The 1080p technology comes at a price though.

The fifty inch plasma T.V with 1080p is going to set you back on average of about ten-thousand dollars. So this is truly only for the serious minded viewer for the time being. Plasma T.V.s have gradually come down in price over the years and it is only to be expected that these new models will do the same. But for those who don't want to wait they are available.So if your in the market to upgrade your entertainment capabilities with a new plasma T.V. and you are interested in the latest the industry has to offer. Then consider test driving the new 1080p plasma T.V technology. If you don't mind a little wait for the satellite broadcasters to catch up and can handle the price. They are on the market and in the show rooms now.

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