Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sony Plasma TV: Changing The Home-Theater Experience

The floating plasma screen glass panel design of Sony Plasma TVs will seduce the senses and inspire wonder at the beautiful picture clarity that the Sony WEGA Engine System creates, all while bringing style to any living room.

These slim, lightweight, and attractive plasma screen displays allow for amazing installation flexibility and project large images of unparalleled quality with these minimal space requirements.

Sony plasma TV provides a sensational flat-panel presentation. Able to accommodate either horizontal or vertical orientation, these plasma screens accept just about any video image or graphic signal currently used.

Hi-tech brushed aluminum or elegant charcoal gray bezels allow this enhanced- or high-definition plasma TV to blend seamlessly into every decor. Sony plasma TVs offer a high-impact medium for conveying your most important messages with their simple yet sophisticated styling.

Picture-perfect for viewing in the media room, living room, bedroom or home office, Sony Plasma TVs feature ultra slim cabinetry and a chic, frame-like design.

The new Sony Plasma TVs produce precise, detailed images regardless of the video source thanks to Sony's new pixel-by-pixel conversion system. This exclusive technology automatically identifies the resolution characteristics of the incoming video content and adapts instantly to reproduce accurate, sharp images.

The new Sony Plasma TV sets display crisp, stable picture images without video noise even when connected with non-HD video sources, proving that not all high-resolution plasma screens are created equal.

Sony Plasma TVs also boasts more than 1 million-pixel resolution by using a unique technique allowing more pixels to be packed into a tighter area. The result is majestic color contrast, stunning brightness, and precise pixel uniformity.

These plasma televisions can show programs in either the standard 4:3 aspect ratio or a theater-like 16:9 picture formats from DVDs, cable/satellite receivers, set-top boxes and high-definition receivers.

A multitude of flexible functions that maximize display performance are offered by every Sony plasma TV.

Sony plasma TVs bring a new standard to home theaters. Delivering superb image quality from any source, Sony plasma TVs are sure to provide total viewing enjoyment.

Here are just a few Sony Plasma TV Features:

* Ultra-thin, Lightweight Design
High-resolution flat plasma panels light enough to hang on a wall allow the user to open up space in a bedroom or living room.

* 16:9 "Wide-screen" Aspect Ratio
Wide-screen TVs, which feature a width-to-height ratio similar to movie theater screens, provide cinema-style entertainment at home. Finally consumers are able to enjoy full-screen viewing of high-definition broadcasts and DVD videos produced in 16:9 format from the comfort of their own homes.

* Every Sony Plasma TV is a masterpiece of design.
Sony Plasma TV will leave an impression add fashion to any setting. The Sony Plasma is a non-glare, high resolution plasma TV's featuring a fixed high performance search converter using high-speed sampling that optimizes picture quality--guaranteeing a perfect picture on the perfect screen.

Sony Plasma televisions provide ideal solution for conference rooms and digital signage applications with progressive scan images of 1 billion colors and a whopping 60k hour panel life. Flexible input boards and optional network solutions make it a snap to match the exact needs of the application.

This plasma TV display has panels that achieve a high contrast ratio with high brightness. The slim and lightweight design combined with precise, powerful image and smooth, vibrant picture edges make it ideal for duty as a digital sign at retail stores, airports, train stations, shopping malls, entertainment venues, hospitality rooms--anyplace a business or organization might need to grasp the attention of visitors.

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