Friday, August 28, 2009

Great Plasma TV for a Great Price

So recently my old 20" CRT TV was starting to finally go out, and I knew now was a perfect time to go for a nice new plasma TV. I didn't really know to much about Plasma TVs, so I did what I always do, and turned to online reviews like this one. I searched around for some time until I found a TV I thought was perfect. After that however, it was a matter of finding the right price for it. So of course I went to one of my most trusted online sites for various products,

I looked up my favorite pick of Plasma TVs, the Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch Theaterwide Plasma HDTV, the price was a little higher than I wanted to pay, however I was determined to get a TV that I would be happy with, that would last a while. So I went ahead and got it, the best part was the shipping was only $1!!!!! which made shopping online even easier than trying to pick it up from a local store and getting it to my house.

When I got the TV home, I quickly set it up, and hooked it up to my DVD player, simply put..... Kill Bill vol. 1 looked AMAZING! I even messed around with the split screen, which sadly, one of the split screens was larger than my old TV!

If you want to check out the TV, you can get it here for a really good price: Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch Theaterwide Plasma HDTV

Only other thing I could reccomend to make setting this TV up easier, since my old cheap entertainment center didn't really handle the weight, is a good wall mount like the one I got after having to leave the TV on the floor since my entertainment center cracked: Bentley Flat Panel/Plasma 32-63 inch Wall Mount

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