Friday, August 28, 2009

Plasma TVs are Hot

Plasma TVs add a new dimension to watching television. The huge screens with the life-sized characters make the viewer feel like he is in the room with the characters. The viewer feels as if he is a part of the action. The plasma TV screen may be several feet wide and high and only a few inches thick so they can fit into most rooms. If you are used to the smaller conventional style televisions, when you first see a plasma TV with its big screen, it takes the viewer a few minutes to adjust to it because the viewer is not used to the size. But the viewer will quickly adjust to the size of the television.

The traditional television is based on cathode ray technology where a beam of electrons is shot through a tube in phosphorus atoms. The atoms light up and produce the image you see on the screen. After the cathode ray technology came the LCD technology. LCD technology is based on liquid crystal pixels consisting of red, green and blue held in between two layers of glass. An electrical charge makes them light up and produces the image on the television screen. This is similar to the functioning of a computer monitor screen.

The plasma technology is a relatively new concept in televisions. Plasma technology consists of xenon and neon gas filled cells. When electrical current passes through these cells, they light up in the different colors and produce an image on the screen. The intensity of the electrical pulses results in different shades of each color pixel. The screen can range from forty two inches to sixty five inches. The screens are flexible to the touch since they are so big.

Unlike other television technology the plasma screen can be subject to burn-in. This is a situation where if an image is on the screen for a certain period of time, the image will burn-in and will have shadow remain on the screen. If you use your television for video games, this is something to take into consideration because burn in can result from video games. Even so, the plasma screen is terrific for the graphics of video games.

Plasma TVs are not cheap. They start at approximately four thousand dollars. Depending on the style and features you want, the price can be higher. Once you decide on the style and model you want, shop around to find the best price.

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Great Plasma TV for a Great Price

So recently my old 20" CRT TV was starting to finally go out, and I knew now was a perfect time to go for a nice new plasma TV. I didn't really know to much about Plasma TVs, so I did what I always do, and turned to online reviews like this one. I searched around for some time until I found a TV I thought was perfect. After that however, it was a matter of finding the right price for it. So of course I went to one of my most trusted online sites for various products,

I looked up my favorite pick of Plasma TVs, the Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch Theaterwide Plasma HDTV, the price was a little higher than I wanted to pay, however I was determined to get a TV that I would be happy with, that would last a while. So I went ahead and got it, the best part was the shipping was only $1!!!!! which made shopping online even easier than trying to pick it up from a local store and getting it to my house.

When I got the TV home, I quickly set it up, and hooked it up to my DVD player, simply put..... Kill Bill vol. 1 looked AMAZING! I even messed around with the split screen, which sadly, one of the split screens was larger than my old TV!

If you want to check out the TV, you can get it here for a really good price: Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch Theaterwide Plasma HDTV

Only other thing I could reccomend to make setting this TV up easier, since my old cheap entertainment center didn't really handle the weight, is a good wall mount like the one I got after having to leave the TV on the floor since my entertainment center cracked: Bentley Flat Panel/Plasma 32-63 inch Wall Mount

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Buyer's Guide: Getting The Best Plasma TV

The hottest thing to happen in the area of home entertainment has been Plasma TV. It simply makes your viewing experience splendid, to say the least. It gives a crystal clear, high quality resolution images making it a winner all the way. The monitor that displays it all is just afew inches in thickness saving much of the precious space.

Not just that, it also brings down your electricity bills because its energy consumption is far more economical than that of its old counterparts. And for those who like their music loud, the good news is that the image remains undisturbed even if you place large speakers near the screen and turn the sound full blast.

Now that you have decided to go for a Plasma television, you need to know how to shop for it. It being an expensive equipment, you would definitely like to get the best deal available. Here is how you should proceed.

1.The first step is deciding the budget. It is important to know as to how much you want to spend. Collect the price catalogs of a few companies that offer Plasma TVs, and make your budget considering the average prices. Do keep in mind the essential features you want your television to have while making the budget. Once you have made the budget, stick to it. Starting generally at $ 700, Plasma TVs can go up to $ 4,000. Some of them may be priced even higher.

2.The next step is to decide if you want your plasma television come with a TV tuner or just a plasma display would do. The more expensive kind have have an attached tuner while in the cheaper varieties you need to attach a tuner box separately.

3.Make sure that the television gives a quiet performance. Some of the Plasma TVs have been found to be noisy because they use fans for cooling. The noise, obviously, ruins your viewing experience.

If you have planned properly there is no reason why you wouldn't get value for money. Since there is a great variety available in the market, you need to be a little diligent in choosing the right one for yourself.

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Are Plasma Or Projection TV's Better For Your Home Theater?

When you are setting up your home theater you need to decide on what is the best way for you to watch. Many people would not have anything other than a projector as it adds to the cinema theme as well as giving you a very good image as big as you want. But many others do not want to deal with projectors and screens and would rather have the convenience of a TV style screen that you just turn on and play the DVD in as you would in any other room but on a bigger screen.

If you are using a projector then it is a good idea to make sure that your room has good thick curtains so that you can block the light from the room. As the image is produced through a projected light then it is best to use a projector in a fairly dark room. With some of the latest projectors they have a light sensor so that if the light is too bright for the image then it brightens the light to make it stronger. You also have to set up a projector for the movie and put up the screen. But it does give you a really good sense of being at the cinema as well as a really good, large picture that is very high quality.

There are some really good plasma screens around now and the cost is dropping. But you still get the sense that you are watching TV. Although if you put it on the wall then it is a lot more like a real screen. Plasmas have an advantage over projectors if you have a small room, as they did not need any space to project an image. Although plasma TV does not have the same movie theater aspect to it as a projector does it is very easy to use and does give you a very good image.

If you want ease of use and a great quality picture and are happy either to have a smaller screen, or you are able to pay for a very big one, then plasma might be best for you. But a projector can give you a really good quality image that is as big as you want and there are some very good projectors that are very cheap. But you also have to set up the screen as well as the projector whenever you want to see a movie. But whatever you choose it is always worth trying it out in the store so that you can see which is the best for you.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plasma TV Stands

Plasma TVs have revolutionized television with the wide-screen features and compact size and shape. The plasma TV stands have replaced the conventional entertainment center to create a cinema-like look and feel and to improve your viewing experience. Plasma TV stands are usually quite minimalist, although many provide place at the base to store DVDs or even drinks. Your Plasma TV stands can match the theme of your home theatre, and can be understated and functional. Some plasma TV stands are funky, futuristic, chic or seem ?barely there.?

Plasma TV stands which ?do the job? consist of chrome poles with bases. These plasma tv stands will hold your plasma tv effectively in place and, at the same time, can look quite classy. You can choose a stand which is straight or slightly curved. Dramatic, geometric shapes are also favored by some for a more artistic look. Some plasma tv stands combine minimalism with functionality, and have small areas at the bottom for storing what you need. This can be a simple storage area, or a glass or wood cabinet which can hold books, decorations or other items of interest. Some install plasma tv stands ontop of a simple bar, to combine cocktail hour with a movie or a game.

If you would like to keep your existing home entertainment center, you can install a very simple, short plasma tv stand on top of a home entertainment cabinet. This will eliminate the necessity of purchasing an all-new entertainment center, or throwing out a favorite piece of furniture. The advantage of plasma tvs is that they can fit almost everywhere, and plasma tv stands are every bit as versatile as the product they hold.

Plasma TV stands can be virtually invisible and hold a tv directly onto a wall. Like all plasma tv stands, these must be durable enough to bear the weight of a plasma tv, which can be considerable. You should consult an expert to see what kind of plasma tv stands are durable enough to use, and to install your plasma tv at an angle so it can easily be viewed by those sitting below. When installing your plasma tv, do so with a partner, and make sure that you are both sufficiently strong to bear the weight of the plasma tv, since even a small scratch on a screen will ruin it completely. The first thing to look for in a plasma tv stand is strength, and it is easy to find plasma tv stands that are both durable and attractive.

You can convert a glass table or a counter in to a plasma tv stand by finding a smaller plasma tv stand to put on top of it. Ensure that the glass or the cabinet will bear the weight of the television, and that it is located in a part of the room where it can be easily seen. You can use the cabinet to store tv guides, cable guides, you collection of DVDs and anything else you might need. Many prefer small doors to cover what is in the cabinets, but glass slabs can serve as excellent shelves for DVD players and other audio visual equipment.

You can find plasma tv stands in furniture stores or in places where televisions are sold. It is suggested to find good quality, sturdy plasma tv stands if you don?t want your investment of thousands of dollars to come crashing to the floor. If you are installing a plasma tv for the first time, it is a good idea to consult an expert, or to have a professional do the installation. He or she can decide whether your plasma tv stand is durable enough to do the job.

Author: June Mala ? 2006

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Benefits of Buying a Flat Plasma Screen TV

As you go about considering what to include in your home entertainment center this year, you may be contemplating the purchase of a flat plasma screen TV. There are in fact a number of benefits that are associate with buying a flat plasma screen TV.

One of The biggest benefits associated with a flat plasma screen TV is the brilliant picture that such a television provides. In this day and age, the flat plasma screen TV provides one of the best pictures available on any video product in the world today.

By adding a flat plasma screen TV to your home entertainment center you really will be ensuring hours and hours of viewing pleasure for you and your family. Your flat plasma screen TV really will be the focal point of your overall entertainment scheme.

You may have shied away from purchasing a flat plasma screen TV because you assumed that the cost of such a product would be very high. Generally speaking, a flat plasma screen TV is not a particularly cheap product. But, as happens with new technology, the cost associated with a typical flat plasma screen TV is dropping all of the time %u2026 and dropping at a pretty fast rate. Therefore, you may actually find that you can buy a flat plasma screen TV that is priced well within your personal budget.

You should also keep in mind that the typical flat plasma screen TV is a well built and manufactured product. While the flat plasma screen TV does represent new technology, these products do seem to be reliable. People who purchase these products do tend to have good success with them, and tend to post few complaints.

There are also some solid warranties associated with the typical flat plasma screen TV. Manufacturers are tending to provide some pretty generous and wide ranging warranties for the typical flat plasma screen TV that is now on the market today.

Overall, a person who elects to make the purchase of a flat plasma screen TV really will be making a good investment. Most people find a flat plasma screen TV to be an absolutely perfect addition to a home entertainment center.

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