Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shopping for a Plasma Television - 6 Top Things to Look For

To avoid going home with a plasma TV set that you'll want to dump in the trash after one week's worth of unsatisfactory viewing experience, make sure that your plasma TV has the 6 top things that have the power to make all TV viewers relax with a blissful smile.

Plasma Television Shopping - 6 Things to Look for

SIZE - If you're an ordinary person with ordinary TV-watching dreams, you'll surely want a plasma TV set that can dominate the whole room with its presence. You'd want a plasma TV set that makes your guests' eyes pop out at the first time they see it because it's impressively huge. No person can honestly say that he's truly content with a TV set that makes him squint just to see the number printed at the back of a NBA player's jersey. And this is plasma technology, after all. It will be sad if you'll waste all the viewing benefits offered by plasma technology with a reduced screen size!

BRAND - Getting any plasma TV is not enough. You need to think about the brand as well. There's a reason why plasma TV imitations are so cheap, and it's not just because they're made in China. It's because they're inferior in quality as well. Plasma TV imitations also have a shorter shelf life so you might not be saving money in the long-run. If you take a look at the TV market today, you'll notice that Panasonic presently enjoys the lead among all other electronic companies when it comes to making plasma TV sets. But of course you can buy plasma TV sets made by other well-known brands like Sony and Samsung.

ASPECT RATIO - Just because the plasma TV set you've your eye on is huge in size doesn't mean it can give you an equally huge display. This matter depends primarily on the aspect ratio of your plasma TV's screen. If you think this isn't important, think again. What if you're to watch a HDTV movie with subtitles? If the aspect ratio is small, the subtitles will be small as well, and if you can't read those tiny letters, how are you going to understand what the movie is all about?

PERSONAL MAILMAN - Nowadays, no self-respecting TV connoisseur would want a TV set that's only capable of being a TV. You'd want extra features from your plasma TV set as well, and one of those would be its ability to deliver messages at the right time and place. Forget about post-its or pinning notes to the refrigerator. Instead, you can key in your message in the TV screen and your message will be delivered at the time you've set.

SOMETHING WITH OOMPH - Aesthetics count very much in regard to plasma TV sets. Bulky is out, and trendy is in. Since plasma TV sets are manufactured in a number of shades and styles, you should opt for one that would go absolutely well with wherever it's going to be mounted.

SOMETHING SLIM - Size is indeed a factor, but you might not want anything beyond 19? if you'll also use your plasma TV set as a computer monitor. In this case, you should be after slimness rather than wideness. A slim plasma TV monitor would look great on your tabletop rather than any other bulky computer monitor.

Now that you know what the 6 top important things to look for are when shopping for a plasma TV, here are suggestions as to where you can find the ideal plasma TV besides retail outlets in malls and possibly enjoy discounts as well.

Auction Houses - Live or online, auction houses do sometimes auction off plasma TV sets and who knows if you'll get lucky when you go shopping? Of course, be sure that your item is in good condition before making any payment.

Secondhand Stores - If you're working with a very tight budget then consider purchasing your plasma TV from secondhand stores. Granted, you might take home that's obviously not brand new, but with a little creative decoration, nicks and scratches can surely be concealed from the public eye.

One good thing to remember is that prices for plasma TV, as well as other kinds of TV, are dropping and are expected to continue doing so as one new TV innovation after another is introduced to the market. So take your time shopping because costs are getting lower and lower each day!

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